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DK Ink Roll Coding Machine – The Way Of King
Since its founding, coding machine has made consumers know about commodity information in building the cause of corporation image, with rapidly print on the substrates of  all kinds of words and patterns marking solution which high praises by Pharmaceutical and Food enterprise for a long time.
Of these coding machines, an adoption advanced solid ink roll made which being popular by enterprises as its print and dry instantly features ,as well as scrape resistant and so on, calling ink roll coder that offers easy operation for high application and green environmentally-friendly solution. As an unevenly circumstance involving present-day industry, however a set of high-quality coding machine is of great critical in successful business.
For majority of units, not all ink roll coding machine having the high quality features, but DK brand represents higher standard in marking. It is that DK equipment which integration research, production, sales and services support is provided by a professional enterprise devoting entirely to the coding and marking field. DK-600 from DK first technology provides a consistently sharp print quality and considerable service support drives leading position, which acquired nation’s patented invention, bestowed good reputations by the customers. Although outstanding results in performance, DK brand still continuous growing that follows formulate a variety of ink roll coding machine for compact design, easy- of- use and intuitive operation as well as maximum reliability, high resolution print with speeds, which features compared to other traditional marking equipment.DK drives innovation and creative by staying on the cutting-edge of coding machine among present highly competition marketplace.

DK Inc. announced the launch of ink roll coding machine from initial, now offering many patented inventions and high reputation, while benefiting for high print quality, high sales and high-tech at production service concept as well as innovation spirit. It is the reason why DK Inc ranks top sales place among nations at the present-day.