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DK: Superior technology drive excellent brand


Speaking of enterprise expand, brand name is criterion to measure what is the outcome.  It is essential that putting team efforts and superior quality into creation a premium brand .This is why inseparable relationship connects excellent products with famous brand. DK Corporation leads the coding technical over the world, knowing about this principle more.

With deepen influence over economic globalization; all walks of life reveal rapid growth momentum in recently years. Titled with “manufacturing power”, packaging industry makes a highlight point through the past few year’s economic expansion, while steadily improve in living condition, customers pick up an endorsement in packaging appearance and keep upgrade its performance. Therefore, coding machine play a critical role in the process, and DK products have been a growing need among manufacturers experience.  


      DK brand from strict requirement

With the aim of strict products policy in DK Corp., built to meet whatever products high quality, as well as staff well experienced. DK is focused on a higher standard performance while ensuring maximum printer quality, therefore DK can benefit from management efforts. By throughout strict procedure makes famous brand, leading manufacture design to provide customers with high availability, which delivers DK most popular features in coding industry.

Solid experience in innovation for product identification and coding 

It is DK printer improvement which delivers an innovative design in coding machine technology follows a new era. Experience many years’ studied, veteran employees from R&D center not only striving against all odds in technology performance, reaping amounts of patented technology, but also solving a variety of difficulties sheerly involving coding and marking features, greatly pushing up production high-efficiency and reliability. Its professional survey spirit leads to innovation of industry leading coding machine technology and achieve DK with the title of climax position.

   Superior coding quality, ensuring satisfied by the consumers 

Offering high performance products reflect DK Inc most critical link, higher

standard in marking that provides best-in-class identification brand which fully convinced for many years, in support of DK coding machine brand integrity. Operation for 18 years, DK printers help customers enjoygreater efficiency of cutting edge machine features than any other industrial coding and marking manufacturer, compared to amounts of unevenly units, as well as less serial number products and low recognition brand.


  Top 1 sales in domestic, DK Inc.keeping move forward

  With a front-runner in coding machine market place, in this stance, DK remains innovation and development spirit. It is therefore DK pursues perfect performance, whatever ink roll coder and manual coder addresses uptime operation, as well as hot stamping coder provides a variety of marking position, the same as hot ink roll and hot stamping ribbon.DK Inc. remains a most popular image that benefits from a high record sale and is now reliable by our customers.

Today, there has been a growing need among manufacturers, allowing customers to realize uptime and throughput solution ,while achieve to print readable, high-quality codes on their products and packaging. Advanced features help DK brand go further and have a better future.