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Location  Düsseldorf, Germany
Time May 12~18
Booth No. 8bF20~12

interpack 2011 picks up where its highly successful predecessor left off in 2008. After the official closing date at the end of February the booking level for the overall exhibition space had already reached similar proportions as in 2008. The last interpack occupied 19 entire halls, showing processes and packaging solutions for a wide range of industries: food and beverages, confectionery and baked goods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, non-food consumer goods and industrial goods and related services, so that the entire exhibition centre was used to capacity.

As before, the outstanding position of interpack as a leading international trade fair is reflected not only in its response from exhibitors but also – in 2011– in a highly topical range of thematic areas that are at the very centre of the industry. Visitors can look forward to the INNOVATIONPARC PACKAGING with the focus on Quality of Life and to two special shows entitled "Metal Packaging Plaza" and "Save Food!" – areas that have been expressly welcomed by the members of the Trade Fair Advisory Board.

With its “Metal Packaging Plaza”, interpack creates a new meeting point for the international metal packaging industry and its suppliers. The show will centre around an information platform that provides background details about current issues from a professional perspective. The area will be surrounded by companies with innovative metal packaging solutions.

"Save Food!" is about the way in which each stage in the packaging value chain and also in food transport and logistics can make a positive contribution to the combat against the pressing global issue of large-scale waste. The special show is being set up by the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations and the supporting associations of interpack. As well as highlighting the current situation, a raft of solutions and approaches will be presented, showing how the protective function of packaging can effectively prevent food from going off between production and consumption. 

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