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Internal work makes victory or failure , DK lift Chinese dream heartily
In the progress of soft package identification in China, there are always some technologies cultures which deserved carry on and inherit, pioneered by the later comers.             ------DK Inc.
Mode makes high lever or not, inherent advantage decides win or lose feature. It decided enterprise itself prosperous destiny and future forge ahead invisibly; building on the double elements for module I integrated into inner art, which involve some units keeping growth on their path. It is therefore, DK products head towards global prospect in the wake of good nose of market and experiences support; depend on multi-assistant for resources and strength, in combination with mode and inner merits, which achieve remarkable achievements with ink roll coder and hot stamping coder in domestic, even through the whole world. We can observe spirit and nature features accompany enterprise pro-growth when DK truly becomes top brand in soft package identification of China.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
From DK brand announcement, it focus on its business idea of realistic approach and innovation technology level ,with key elements and ultra valuable service to built branch offices in 19 cities .DK dominates marking and coding industry which keeps shoulder heavy responsibility, while on the road of proceeding identification industry with a brand new look, it has been reaped over 20 national patents by many years technology innovation and social experience. Some customers introduce every product operated by DK Inc, which incorporates the most valuable and efficiency corn tech, thereby provides with the solution for code assurance and convenience to the users.
Today announced DK-802 intermittent ink roll printer. With its integration advantage, customers can enjoy not only latest innovation technology in its structure, but also saving space, cost and time. DK-802 benefits customers with its self-protection system through invisible distinctive, it running within the area of preset temperature, helping ensure print effect integrity. It is because of approaching humanity, DK products were honored by the customers for the saving consumable coding machine.
Innovation is the root and internal work makes victory or failure.
For many years expanding, we believe, DK manufacturer delivery popular technology printer and convenient life advantage to a wide range of sectors, which lift Chinese dream heartily on a strong statement and commitment.