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Analysis the future trend of Low-carbon coding printing

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With the trend of environmental protection, green coding and printing will be the primary objective in the coding industry field. But it is a systematic project. It involves in coding machine, equipment and all kinds of raw materials, environmental and technological processes of production, the country's environmental policies, employees, especially owner’s awareness of green, customer acceptance and even end users, and many other aspects. Each development part’s failure will affect the whole process of the green industry.

In early 1990, the United States passed the federal Clean Air Amendment Act (FCAAA), sound environmental orders and measures to make the green coding gradually been taking root. In China, green coding machine is gradually be concerned. In 2002, Environmental Resources Committee of the NPC of China Mr. Qu said in an interview that the Chinese green coding and printing legislation is necessary and specifies the relevant environmental laws in the coding industry. How to implement green coding and printing has become the critical time for the historical responsibility and the inevitable requirements of consumers, but also the trend of the coding industry worldwide.