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Metal Types (Brass, Zinc, Steel)

Description Font Size Frame Size (mm) Application Range
Zinc Types 8PT-R 8PT-T 1.5*3.5 2.0*3.5 Suitable for all DK series ink roll coders
Steel Types 9PT-R 9PT-T 2.5*3.5 3.0*3.5
Copper Types 10.5PT-R 10.5PT-T 18PT-R 18PT-T 3.5*3.5 2.5*7.0 3.0*7.0 3.5*7.0 4.5*3.5 5.5*3.5

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Stainless steel, brass and zinc types working for hot stamp coder and hot ink roll coding machines.

Stainless steel and brass types having a long printing life with excellent. wear-resistance.

Special dimensions & specifications can be custom-built.

Zinc types are widely used on ink roll coding machines to print legible characters with economy.


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