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Logistic traceability

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Logistic traceability

Dikai provide our customers flexible solutions from individual packs to pallet loads in the process of production and logistic for various industry manufactures. Our coding solutions provide clean, reliable and stable coding on every day production and delivery.

For individual packages, Dikai coding solutions provide clean, high-quality printing in various industries such as food, beverage, health and beauty etc. By the advantage of our products, we can fulfill your needs on proven indentification for individual packs and keep your product lines running efficiently in the primary packaging.

Dikai has carton or case coding solution for secondary or tertiary packaging. DK-500 carton coding machine is ideal for product line and DK-520 carton coding machine is for flexible manual carton coding. The optional character could fulfill most of the coding needs on many industries. In addition, compare with the inkjet solution, both of DK-500 and DK-520 has great value on lower printing cost.

Dikai hot ink roll coding machine series and hot stamping coding machine series could be customized as the different requirements. For example, we could change the length of the bracket to fit different package machine. For automation production, proximity switch, photocell and rotary encoder are available for different usage in different situation. Moreover, we provide a large rang of hot ink roller or hot stamping ribbon size and colors.
In short, we will try everything to fulfill your coding needs.