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Green Development

Since Dikai established in 1995, we had recognized the way to minimize the impact on environment. During the period of developing our first product DK-600 ink roll coding machine in 1996, we started to think about how to reduce waste and to save energy. Meanwhile, by the eco concerns and principles, in the process of designing new products we always try to extend the products life and to use the eco-friendly martial. It is appreciated by out customers that we do focus on and take the responsibility on environmental protection.


In Dikai, everyone believes that to protect the environment is our responsibility. We try to help our customers not only on lower printing cost, professional coding and adding value to products, etc., but also help all of us reduce the environmental footprints. Therefore, Dikai launched sustainable development policy on products manufacture, new product research and waste recycle. The long term commitment includes reducing emissions of greenhouse gas and waste water, increasing energy efficiency. With the increasing customers, we have became a worldwide coding solutions manufacturer, so it could be a positive large scale on environment protection gathering every little help on eco from our service all over the world. In a nutshell, what we are trying to do on environment is minimize the cost and maximize the profitability for our customer and our earth.

Roma was not built in a day, Dikai is committed on the way of sustainable development, and we are committed to link our business and eco. We believe concentrate on improving environment could bring great value to our customers and our business.

Our goals on saving eco include: reducing carbon emissions, energy usage, materials and water waste.  By these goals we looking forward to be sustainable in products and services in the near future, and create a harmony world.

There are three main principles of eco protection:

1. Reduce impact on environmental
We keep evaluating on the environmental impact while our machine is working, and we will use these measurable data on continuous innovation to save the environment.
2. Eco-friendly design
Use the eco-friendly marital, increase working efficiency to save energy, improve the usage of hot ink roller or hot stamping ribbon to lower waste pre print.

3. Social Events

We do philanthropy on environment protection, and encourage each of our employees to regard the waste footprint in daily life.


For our customers, we are appreciated to protect the environment with our customer, and we are delighted to help our customers to add value in their products.

The awareness of eco can help our customers to reduce the cost of production.
The awareness of eco can help our customers to conform the regulatory standards.
The awareness of eco can help our customers to achieve a good prestige in the society.
The awareness of eco can help our customers to save our mother earth together.