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  • How to change metal types for coding machine for hot ink roll coder?

    1-           Install the metal types on the pins of the type holder. Secure the metal types for coding machine  to the type holder pins with the type stoppers. Two type styles are available, depending on which way the print is oriented on the web- radial (for printing with the web), and axial (for printing across the web).

    2-           Align the type holder to the type holder shaft. Push the type holder into the print head and turn until it seats into place.

  • How to change the hot ink roller for ink roll coding machine?

    1-     Press an ink roller arbor into the ink roller.

    2-     Slide the ink roller arbor and ink roller on the inking shaft until it seats into place.

    The ink roll PREHEATER is an optional part to preheat the hot ink roller and reduce the stand-by time of the production line.

  • How to adjust the pressure between the ink roller and types?

    Poor pressure between the hot ink roller and metal types for coding machine can result in un-clear or missed prints.

    1-    Use the 6mm Allen wrench to take out the Allen screw in the body of print head.

    2-    Loose the inside M5 Allen screws.

    3-    Take the hot ink roller out, rotate the ink roller shaft manually to relocate the space between ink roll ershaft and ink roller (the ink roller shaft is eccentric).

    4-    Put in the ink roller to check whether the pressure is correct; if not, repeat step 3 & 4 till the pressure is correct.

    5-    Tight the M5 Allen screw.

    6-   Reset the M8 Allen screw.


  • How to change types for continuous sealing machine DK-900M?

    1.       Take off safety cover, loose the screw by the axis of print wheel.
    2.       Take off up guide belt; take off adjusting knob for printing wheel pressure.
    3.       Lift the printing wheel; separate the printing wheel from rubber wheel.
    4.       Change the metal types on the printing wheel.
    5.       Fit all the parts back and do test printing before production.

  • Why printing of the hot ink roll coding machine is not clear?

    1.       The pressure between type wheel assy and the rubber roller is low. Try to adjust the pressure by the adjustment module.

    2.       Hot ink roller is not be heated completely, say, the preheating time is not enough. Start printing when the hot ink roller is heated to a soft condition.


    3.       The ink of the hot ink roller is run out. Please change a new hot ink roller.


    4.       The metal types for coding machine are damaged. Please change new metai types for coding machine.

    5.       Hot ink roller or type wheel work in a low temperature condition. Check the heating system condition and the heating tube. Change the heating tube if it is damaged.

  • How to maintain the hot ink coding machine like DK-1100 series?

    1. Check the connection between coding machine and package machine carefully before boot to avoid working error.

    2. Check the position of the rubber tire and the rubber roller, and the pressure between them before boot.

    3. Check and clean the type wheel assy axis and hot ink roll axis of the print head regularly to keep well thermal conductivity.

    4. Check the pressure of hot ink roller pressure screw to ensure the pressure between metal types for coding machine and hot ink roller.