The 23rd ICE CREAM CHINA 2020
    After the epidemic situation stabilized, exhibitions were held one after another.Following the Nanjing Household Paper Exhibition, the 23rd ICE CREAM CHINA 2020 was held in Tianjin as scheduled.

    This exhibition party had a strict health control, and supervision. DIKAI successfully participated in the exhibition and came to the scene to meet everybody with The D-series Thermal Transfer Overprinter, Laser printer, Inkjet printer and Ink Roll Coder.Our stuff members introduced our products to the customers carefully, hoping that our products can be helpful for the packaging of your products. About the TTO printer, we have D02, D03s, D05s, which are 
of high quality and cost-effective. About the laser coding machine (also called laser marking machine, laser  marker, laser engraver), the fiber laser marker,  CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marker can be provided as well. Besides, TIJ printer, CIJ printer, hot stamp coder and the consumables like ink roller, Thermal Transfer  Ribbon and printhead are in our catalogue too.

    The atmosphere was very harmonious. Our stuff members smiled and answered every question of customers, the chat seemed to happen between old friends. 

    As the title showed, the theme of this exhibition is ice cream and frozen food.For the frozen food industry priority conditions, freezing time, condensed water and other processes, transportation and sales in the process of friction, perfect code effect must stand the test.

The perfect code must be clearly visible after a series of freezing and refrigeration which is a prerequisite for the manufacturer to be responsible to consumers. The following is the coding effect of our product. Besides the production date, the expiry date, lot number and other information can also printed by our machine.

    According to the operating conditions from production to sales, the coding solutions provided by Dikai are also completely different.Not only Thermal Transfer Overprinter, Laser Coding Machine, Jet Printer, Ink Roll Coder and other products, but also the labeling form coding 
according to the coding area can be provided.
    Dikai's value is
Customer's benefit comes first, and we are always working for the satisfication of customers. Though this exhibition had come to an end, Dikai's efforts never end.
We are always waiting for you!

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