About The Flexible Packaging Coding Solution

All kinds of paper, plastic, plastic flexible packaging is widely used in the packaging of leisure food, dry cargo, cookie, candy, chocolate, frozen food, coffee, tea, powder food and hardware parts.

In the order to ensure the safety of the food and medicine,it has become an important part of food and medicine production to printing the real time information such as production date and batch number on flexible packaging of food and medicine. With real information enabling manufactures to track products when needed and to provide protection and in the event of mass recall, and coding technology has become an important part of modern quality systems.

The traditional flexible packaging coding technology relies on characters printing, which uses characters grains to print images. To mechanically imprint or roll print onto a film surface. However, the traditional hot ink roller cannot the real time information and need to update the date and batch number manually. In the printing process, the hot ink roller needs ‘preheating time’ before working, and the ‘cooling time’ is needed to change the information, which will prolong the production time and may also cause the packaging film wear out.

The newest laser technology and digital thermal transfer overprinter(TTO) can greatly improve the problems existing in the traditional coding machine, especially the digital thermal transfer overprinter(TTO) can improve the quality of coding, but also improve the traceability of products, improve the reliability and flexibility of equipment, suitable for various flexible packaging materials.

Dikai digital thermal transfer overprinter(TTO) is mainly composed of print head, ribbon and controller. Print heads typically 8 to 12 dots per millimeter or 200 to 300 DPI per inch. These dots can be switched on and off rapidly and continuously to transfer ink from ribbon to the flexible film, and the print quality is consistent and stable. Special characters and barcodes can be printed, a large number of graphics or special characters can be pre-stored in the machinery software. In the case of no shutdown or human error automatically code change, so as to maintain a high level of production capacity; Real-time information can also be printed to improve product traceability, which is particularly important in today’s food and medicine safety.

Dikai digital thermal transfer overprinter(TTO) has excellent coding quality, real-time coding function, flexibility in font, icon and bar code printing, to meet the strict requirements of food and medicine packaging today, and improve the level of flexible packaging coding to a new height.

Choosing Dikai, we will provide you with the most professional flexible packaging coding solutions.