Advantages of Dikai TTO

DIKAI D-series Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO).

DK D-series thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) can be installed for almost all flexible packaging applications, which including high speed, variable data, QR-code, pictures and etc.


Seamless integration with production line.

1, DK D-series TTO with small size and can be easily installed on most packaging equipments.

2, We can provide you special made brackets and accessories to make your production lines work stable and efficient.

Print all kinds of information with lower cost.

1, DK D-series TTO provides free programming, which generates variable data on each print.

2, The printhead with 300DPI can print text, graphics, real-time date and batch number, bar code with high resolution.

3, Thermal transfer overprinters can print on packaging films directly instead of labels, this can reduce the printing costs.

Provides cost-effective coding& marking solutions for you.

1, DK D-series TTO adopts new technology that can make gaps in 0.5mm between two prints, and this can save your money on ribbons.

2, Meanwhile, when you using TTO, the downtime of equipments & machines can managed, avoid unrelated costs.

3, You can know when will change the ribbons by knowing the printarea of each print.

4, Ribbons can be easily changed by adopting ribbon cassettes and save the downtime.