Dikai Hot Ink Rolls
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Hot Ink Roll (ink roller,hot ink roller) suitable for use on DIKAI or any ink roll coder available in the market for printing date code, lot/batch number etc.Working on an ink roll coder printing on plastic film or paper, the ink roll is able to products at high speed many thousands of instant dry, highly legible print that has good adhesion and rub resistant property. No mess and solvent free printing is another advantage of using ink roll for your coding requirement.Strengths And Advantages Of DIKAI Products Hot Ink Rolls:Can accommodate horizontal/vertical printing applications at any line speed.Individual testing to ensure success with your application.Roller sizes and manufacturing capabilities to fit all brands of Hot Ink Contact   Coders.Continuous testing of new ink formulas to ensure success with changing/evolving printing surfaces.Provides the most consistent roller life vs. other manufacturers.Most competitive packaging options in the industry

Dikai DK-series Hot Ink Rolls 

The ink rolls are suitable to be used on any ink roll coders available in the market to print MFG/ EXP date and lot/ batch numbers, etc on packing films like PP, PE, PVC etc. With excellent characteristics, they are able to produce at high speed with instant dry and highly legible printing that has a good adhesion and rub resistant property.


DK8** Ink Roll 3610
DK8** Ink Roll 3616
DK8** Ink Roll 3632
DK8** Ink Roll 3635
DK8** Ink Roll 3640
DK8** Ink Roll 3645
DK8** Ink Roll 4040
DK9** Ink Roll 3610
DK9** Ink Roll 3616
DK9** Ink Roll 3632
DK9** Ink Roll 3635
DK9** Ink Roll 3640
DK9** Ink Roll 3645
DK9** Ink Roll 4040
DK939 Ink Roll 3616
DK939 Ink Roll 3632
DK939 Ink Roll 3635
DK939 Ink Roll 3640
DK839 Ink Roll 3632
DK839 Ink Roll 3635
DK839 Ink Roll 3640