DK520 Offline Carton Coding Machine
    发布时间: 2019-08-14 14:51    
The simple cost effective coder! Rotary coder provides a simple and effective way of coding simple messages to packages. Great for ALL industriesDK-520 hand-held coder are designed for simple printing applications. Impressions are clean and sharp as these printers run smoothly along materials in a straight line. Hand-held models can be taken to the job and rolled along the product for easy marking of large, heavy, or cumbersome pieces. The unit can also be mounted on a conveyor line for friction-driven printing on moving materials.Rubber type is easily removed and installed in the dovetail groove of the print wheel for fast changing of printed information. Your logo or your customer can be printed along with date codes, part numbers, or other information.

DK-520 Manual Carton Date Coding Machine

  •  Ideal for printing production date, Lot/batch No. etc on cases & cartons.
  • Adopting the water-based ink, apply to the absorbent surface carton.
  • No need power, long-life and low unit print cost
  • Installed on the automatic carton sealing machine and all kinds of conveyor lines.
  • Synchronized with the running of cartons on line.
  • Suitable for the carton with dimensions no less than 110mm length, over 170mm width.
  • Easy to change rubber characters, no damage to the carton.

DK-520 Manual Carton Date Coding Machine Specs.:


  • Type Size: 8mm, 12mm, 20mm, etc.
  • Other special Rubber Types can be custom-made. 
  • Print Area: Standard Type with height 20mm, max printing length 270mm.
  •                   Heightening Type with height 40mm, max printing length 270mm.


  • Different font sizes & machine types are available for option, according to the number of lines you want to print
  • Can print numbers, letters, symbols, and also can custom-make any other special characters