Dikai D-CODEJET Thermal Inkjet
    发布时间: 2021-03-09 13:36    

DK D-CODEJET Thermal Inkjet Date Coder was developed based on TIJ 2.5 tech, with high resolution and good stability. One Codejet printer can control 4 print heads and up to 6 Codejet printers can be connected with each other which means you can control up to 24 print heads by a computer.And the Codejet printer supports to print text, batch number, manufacture date & expiry date, counter, image, variable bar code and database. With 4 print heads, can combine or separate freely according to print requires. The metal shell and industrial design also can makes printer more stable.

Dikai D-CODEJET Thermal Inkjet

1. Full variable data printing

2. 15 types of printable bar codes

3. All metal shell

4. HP original drive plate

5. Wireless nozzle certification technology

6. Seamless splicing of multiple sprinkler heads

7. Multiple CODEJET cascade technologies