DLF30 Fiber laser
    发布时间: 2019-08-14 13:28    

The new DLF30 laser printer adopts a new intelligent vector control algorithm, which greatly improves the marking speed. Its marking speed is 200% faster compared with the market standard. The optimized marking font database makes the printing speed 30% faster than the market standard and has the best marking quality

DLF30 has smaller size, lower maintenance, no consumables and provides permanent high-quality coding. Can be commonly used in food, cosmetics and other industries of flexible packaging, hard plastic (PE/PP), metal and other materials. It can print high contrast logo, to ensure the traceability of the product permanently.

At the same time in the non - metal printing coding, the identification will be cleaner than CO2 laser printer, very suitable for the identification on flexible packaging films.

High speed, high quality, high reliability

Faster coding speed, up to 700 characters/s.

The new intelligent control algorithm provides high quality marking technology

Enhanced anti-electromagnetic design ensures stable operation in harsh environment

It can run 24 hours continuously

Ease to integration

Compact independent design, can be better integrated into the existing production line

Compact size, can adapt to a variety of installation space

Abundant identification information, permanent identification

Almost unlimited font, graphics and bar code applications

Permanent identification, the most reliable anti - counterfeiting string selection

Easy to operate and low maintenance, no consumables

Innovative interface is easy to learn and easy to understand, more convenient and fast operation

Efficient fan cooling design for low maintenance and high life

Average fault-free service up to 100,000 hours

No consumables required

Technical Specifications:

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