DLU500 UV Laser Printer
    发布时间: 2021-10-21 10:34    

DLU500 Laser coding machine, using a new intelligent vector control algorithm, marking speed greatly improved. The unique laser control technology can easily mark the best printing effect on the film material. Compact size, low maintenance, no consumable, to provide permanent high quality coding. Permanent and high contrast marking to ensure product can be tracking, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channelization.

UV lasers works a little differently to their CO2 or Fiber based sibilings as they do not damage the materials surrounding surface, using a fae lower power from of marking. This makes them the best of the bunch when it comes to "marking", suitable for anything from fruit, to glass teflon, diamond, silicone plastic and precious metals. You really can mark almost anything with a UV laser!

How do UV laser marking systems work?

Operating at 355nm, UV lasers have a much shorter wavelength than the other technologies here. Using a process termed "cold processing", UV laser shoot high-energy photons in the ultraviolet spectrum that break the chemical bonds in the material which causes the material to undergo non-thermal process damage. This process does not produce thermal deformation (heat damage) on the inner layers and nearby areas of the target area.

A UV laser's wavelength is one-third of standard wavelength lasers, therefore often referred to as third-harmonic generation (THG) lasers. This wavelength is achieved by passing a standard wavelength laser at 1064nm through a non-linear crystal, reducing it to 532nm, this is then passed through another crystal, reducing its wavelength further, down to the working 355nm.

In summary, the UV marking process is extremely fine and controlled, making it great for delicate or accurate work. However, due to the process this technology employs, a UV laser marking system is not normally suitable for engraving or cutting.


High Spedd & High Quality

  1. Up to 700 characters per second

  2. New intelligent control algorithm

  3. Enhanced anti-electromagnetic interference design ensure stable operation in harsh environments

Easy to Install

  1. Compact with unique design for better integration

  2. Compact size can adapt to narrow installlation

Permanent Identification

  1. Alomost unlimited fonts, graphics and barcode

  2. Permanent indentification ensure product can be tracking, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channelization

Low Maintenance & Non-consumable

  1. Innovation interact, easy to learn and understand

  2. One-button startuo

  3. MTBF more than 20,000 hours

  4. Non-consumable, cost saving


UV Laser

ApplicationsHDPE, Such as food, pipes, chemical   products etc.
Scan ModeX.Y axial   simultaneous sacn
Marking Mode9000mm/s (Depend on   Materials)
Marking LaseStastic MarkMultiple products can   be mark simultaneously
Laser TypeUV Laser
Guide LaserInfrared Beam   Positioning
Marking Area70*70 110*110 175*175   300*300mm Optional
Scan Speed≥12000mm/s
Software ControllerWinCE Touch Screen
Character TypeFontsSingle/ Double Font
Bar CodesCode39/Code25/EAN-13/Code128
2D CodesQRCode & DM
GraphicPLT Input/Output
Marking ConditionsMarking StatusProduct quantity etc.
Character Size0.1mm-110mm
ConnectionSD   card/USB2.0/Communication interface
Laser Installation DirectionNo Limited
CoolingWater Cooling
Power&TempSupply VoltageAC220V 50Hz
Storage Temperature-10℃-45℃(No freeze)
Working Temperature
Environment ResistanceStorage Humidity10%-85% (No   condensation)
Workin Humidity
Pollution DegreeNo chemicals are   produces
*Print   characters per second, production line speed depends on packaging material   and print content